Echocolor Doppler of the Intracranial Vessels

In the acute phase of cerebral ischemia, patients may show similar clinical presentation but the occlusive patterns of the intracranial arteries and the severity of perfusion deficit may be dramatically different.

The transcranial colorDoppler (TCCD) is one of the tools to explore the intracranial vessels, to identify if there is a blockage and to localize any stenosis/occlusion.

In particular TCCD in stroke patients is noninvasive, relatively inexpensive, easily repeatable diagnostic test ideal in the diagnosis and monitoring of the effectiveness of therapy.

While the neuroimaging, in acute stroke, is principal in the space domain, TCCD has introduced the time domain into the management of stroke patients by providing serial imaging and monitoring reperfusion of intracranial arteries after stroke.

In this lesson the role of the echocolor Doppler of the intracranial vessels in acute cerebrovascular disease is presented.

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