Carotid Plaque Study With Ultrasound: An Easy Test?


The echo-color Doppler is an excellent tool in the study of carotid plaque and it is, unfortunately, often considered an easy test which can be performed in a short time.

In this lesson a case report is presented: one patient, with symptoms suggestive of acute cerebrovascular disease, in three months, for diagnostic errors and indecisions, was subjected to: 1) six echo-color Doppler of the extracranial vessels; 2) one echo-color Doppler of the extracranial vessels with contrast agent; 3) one transcranial color Doppler for the study of the patent foramen ovale; 4) four brain CT scan; 5) two angioCT of the extra and intracranial vessels; 6) one brain MR; 7) one angioMR of the extra and intracranial vessels.

Some doubts and considerations concerning the true difficulty of this clinical case, the need for all tests performed, the possible harm to the patient and the health care costs will be emphasized.


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